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So here is the add-in ! Simple but effective :

Why use an Add-in ?

SDK Mango has made a new tool called IsolatedStorageExplorerTool, which retrieves data from the isolated storage of your windows phone applications as well as to inject data from your PC to the phone. The only problem is that the tool is not at all easy, here's what it looks like for example the command line :

ISETool.exe ts xd 11111111-2222-3333-4444-555555555555 "C:\Data\My Files"

Where ts represents an import, xd means "emulator" followed by the identifier of your projectand then the destination directory.

The addin makes it possible to simplify this, it automatically retrieves the identifier of the project and the target (phone or emulator) and remembers the last directory used, you just have to click on the import or export without worrying of it all.

Installation of the Add-In

Launch the "ISTools.vsix" file, the following window (ok, I'm le french) will be displayed :

Click on install and it's all !

How use the add-in

When you open your windows phone project, just go to the Tools menu and click on Isolated Storage Tools :

or you can open the 'display' menu > other windows > Isolated Storage Tools

Import data

To import the data from the phone, simply click on import, an Explorer window will appear with all the files of the current application:

You can add or delete files, edit them with your favorite editor, etc ... and then reinject them back into the phone or the emulator, click the "export" and data from the isolated storage will be replaced by your new data.

Mango database

To visualize or modify your database :

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